Avoid Custom mod_rewrite Rules with Varnish

When you are working on a website project running PHP on Apache, and you need to redirect a single device type to a different URL than the rest of your visitors, I’m sure the first thought that many of you would have is to utilize Apache’s mod_rewrite. It is a highly flexible URL rewriting engine that would allow you to rewrite with almost any combination of requirements to a just as complex set of URLs depending on the situation.

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Top Job Applicants Never Stop Learning

From time to time, my job allows me to be a part of the hiring process for our technical positions. Unfortunately for some of the applicants, I repeatedly come away from these interviews amazed at the responses I get from pretty standard and basic technical questions related to Web Development. Recently we were looking for a front-end web developer that was good at UX and design and proficient at HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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