• Authenticate Magento Admin Users

    Magento’s admin interface allows you to do the vast majority of everything that you would ever want to do to manage your eCommerce website. However, there are times when the rigidity of the framework makes it difficult for developers to appropriately customize a layout.

  • The Top Sign You Hired The Wrong Developer

    I have been a part of the interview process at a few different companies now, and there is one thing that I have seen correlate completely with how useless a developer hire is. If the hiring manager ever brings me a resume that mentions how many conferences a candidate attends or gives talks at, I will immediately rule that candidate out for the purposes of the development position I am interviewing for.

  • The Amazing Magento Configuration

    At the heart of every piece of PHP in Magento is the XML configuration files that tell core Magento code where to find functions and what to do with them. It seems to be the biggest hurdle that most developers face when they begin developing with Magento.

  • Don't Be a Dunce, Save Your Orders

    There are some gotchas that you think that you will always see coming. One such gotcha is the need to save an object to the datastore to persist any changes you may have made to that object.

  • Magento's preDispatch Observer

    One of the decisions that always seems to arise when adding functionality to a Magento website is what the best strategy is for doing so. Should you override the controller or function, edit it in place, or use an observer to listen for a particular event to occur.

  • Avoid 'Persistent storage maximum size reached' in Firefox

    One of the nice tools out there for tracking down issues that your website’s visitors are having is TrackJS. We started noticing the other day that we were getting overwhelmed by errors with the text Persistent storage maximum size reached for our Magento site. When we looked further into the issue, it quickly became obvious that all of the errors originated from a single user that was running Firefox.

  • Stop Wanting and Start Choosing

    I am used to hearing people use phrases like “I want to be able to do X thing” or “I want to have X position at my company” when people are talking in generalities about their goals. I tend to do it often as well, especially when using “self-talk” to attempt to work on internal goals and desires. However, when reading a book from Paul Tough, How Children Succeed, one of the quotes that he references from Jonathan Rowson, a Scottish chess grand master who had written about the importance of emotion and psychology in chess success.

  • Authorize.Net Directpost is Overly Complex

    One of the necessary evils that every ecommerce website that wants to accept credit card transactions must deal with is some sort of payment processing company. It just so happens that is one of the largest payment processors around, and they allow you to choose from a few different ways to integrate their payment processing functionality into your website. One of their ways is via DirectPost, which allows an eCommerce website to process a credit card transaction without the credit card information ever being sent through the website’s servers.

  • Write Bulletproof JavaScript

    While display issues have long been the bane of a web developer’s existence, current web development projects tend to have much more client side interactivity, focusing ever more attention on the reliability and resilience of the JavaScript you write to deliver the complete interactive experience. Many things can cause unexpected errors in your carefully crafted code.

  • JavaScript Can Have An Interesting Interpretation of Order

    There is an interesting little quirk with the way in which JavaScript decides which function it should execute next. You see, while the JavaScript engine has a single thread of execution, it creates the illusion of multiple simultaneous processes running at once by utilizing a queue of functions to execute. This means that every time you make a call to a function in your JavaScript, there is no absolute guarantee that it will be the next piece of code run, as there may have been other events triggered that beat your custom function onto the execution queue.

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