This is the personal blog for Jeff Monschke, a Senior Developer/Head of Development at a major ecommerce retailer. Any opinions shared here are mine alone and do not reflect the views or opinions of my employer.

You can typically find ramblings about technology I’m working with as well as some thoughts on management practices and agile development in practice, which can drastically deviate from what the ideology says it should be.

I currently spend most of my time with various flavors of SQL, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and Python, but have also spent extensive time working with C# and ASP.NET MVC projects. Many times, my focus ends up being on the usability and performance of a site. However, just as often I end up ensuring the integrations with third party services are created and working properly. If there is some topic that you would like to see covered here, leave a comment, and I will add it to my list to cover.