With the recent revelation that there was a massive release of naked or revealing photographs of many female celebrities, it seems to be an important time to remind people how to make sure private photos and other information don’t get shared all around the internet without your permission. As a result, here are my top 5 ways to keep your nude pictures secure.

  1. Don’t Take Nude Selfies - Yes, the best and easiest way to keep your naked selfies out of the sight for the public viewers on the internet is to never take a naked selfie in the first place. Just don’t do it.

  2. Use Two-Factor Authentication - For sites that support two-factor authentication, you should always use it. Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, and others allow you to use an app on your phone to generate a pseudo-random number to use in conjunction with your password, and without that app’s output, no one will be able to log into your account.

  3. Never Answer Security Questions Truthfully - One of the drawbacks to the way that many sites implement password recovery efforts is through the use of security questions. While the idea here is to get users to answer the questions truthfully so the user will be able to remember the answers given, many of the questions simply cover topics that can be researched and found online. Instead of answering truthfully to What is your mother's maiden name?, use the result generated by a random password generator or several words put together that are easy to remember for a human. While these may not be easy to remember, store the passwords in a password vault that only you have access to.

  4. Use Secure Passwords and Change them Frequently - You should never use a simple word that can be discovered in the dictionary as your password. Similarly, don’t use l33t $p34k, leet speak, on simple words either, as the password guessing tools know how to do those substitutions as well. In order to create a memorable and secure password, it should be as long as possible and include all types of characters, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols, and should not be used as a password on any other website or application.

  5. Seriously, Just Don’t Take the Nude Selfies - In the end, you should be aware that any information that you post online, even in a private setting, carries with it the risk that it will be exposed to the public. If you don’t ever want this to happen, just don’t take the naked selfies in the first place, and if you just have to take them, don’t post them online.